Company Fundraising

Find out how your company can get involved.

Choose the Foundation of Light as your Charity of the Year

If you represent a company or an employee, you can suggest the Foundation of Light becomes your company's Charity of the Year. We can support you in fundraising activities that develop team spirit and motivation in staff by providing access to exclusive experiences and fundraising prizes, whilst helping you demonstrate your organisation's commitment to the local community.

Fundraising Events

Simply by buying a ticket or a table to one of our Foundation of Light fundraising events means you are generously contributing to the charity, and better still, you get to enjoy a great event too. We organise a variety of corporate and community events each year such as:

  • Exclusive Race Day
  • Fashion Strikes – a catwalk show modelled by the Sunderland AFC players themselves
  • Zip Wear – a daring zip wire from the Stadium of Light over the River Wear

For more information or to discuss any of your own fundraising ideas with the Foundation of Light, please contact our Commercial Team on 0191 551 5191.

Tax Tips

When a company makes a donation it can get tax relief from profits and pays less Corporation Tax. In 2012, the main rate of Corporation Tax is 24% (source: Companies can get tax relief if giving goods that are made or sold. If the items are given away, this is calculated on the market value. If given at cost, it is the cost on which the company gets tax relief.

This also applies for staff salaries if seconded, on loan or volunteer costs when absent from the workplace.

Give As You Earn (GAYE)

Gaye is an easy way tax-free way for UK taxpayers to regularly support the Foundation of Light which saves donors time and helps their donation go further. Each time your staff is paid, your payroll department will deduct your donation before tax. Our team can help set up GAYE and once it’s in place, it’s easy to administer.

For further information contact us on 0191 551 5191.