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In the run up to putting a tour on sale we get asked lots of questions relating to the shows and ticket sales. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate your way through the process. We are working hard to do everything we can to make sure that tickets only end up in the hands of genuine fans.

How can I buy Tickets?
The Promoters of Ed Sheeran are committed to combating unethical secondary ticketing and resale.

For the 2022 tour we will be operating a new mobile digital ticket sold ONLY via our approved outlets.

In preparation for on sale, we recommend that you register an account with our approved outlets, details listed below.

Your mobile /smartphone will be your ticket which will be contained within an app or wallet. Once the tickets have been purchased you will receive a simple email confirmation as proof of purchase.This is NOT your ticket or ticket(s).

You will receive instructions on how to access your ticket(s) much nearer to the shows.

Upon arrival at the show, you will then be required to present your mobile smart phone device containing your ticket(s) and you’ll scan yourself and your party into the venue via the turnstiles/entrances.  

So where should I buy my ‘’face value’’ tickets from?
All official ticket agent websites will be listed on tour advertising and at EdSheeran.com.

Only buy tickets from the authorised websites: 








When will they go on sale?
Saturday 25th September.

Please check with your local official ticketing vendor for time of day. 

How much are the ‘’face value’’ tickets?
The tickets are £80 and £50 in London and £75 and £45 regionally. All tickets are subject to a maximum 10 percent booking fee, plus a maximum £2.75 transaction charge per order.

How do I arrange to buy tickets for someone requiring disabled access?
Customers who require either a carer to accompany them or disabled access to the shows should visit https://www.safc.com/concerts/ed-sheeran/accessibility.

British Sign Language available - Saturday 4th June – SUNDERLAND

My circumstances have changed since I purchased my ticket, and I am now a wheelchair user. What should I do? 
Please email edsheeran@safc.com and we will try and accommodate your needs.

Can I buy a hospitality package for the concert? 
Yes, these are available – www.safc.com/concerts/ed-sheeran. You can also email our hospitality team at edsheeranhosp@safc.com to find out more information. Hospitality packages start from £199 (+ VAT).

What is unethical secondary ticketing and ticket resale?
Unethical secondary ticketing is when people buy tickets at face value and then re-sell them at inflated prices via non-artist approved methods and websites, thus denying real fans the chance to buy at face value. 

Ticket touts and unauthorised resellers use multiple payment cards, false identities and sophisticated computer programmes (‘bots’) to buy up large amounts of tickets which they then offer for resale at highly-inflated prices. 

How many tickets can I buy?
There will be a strict limit of 6 tickets per show date per transaction. This restriction is in place in order to give as many people as possible a fair chance to buy tickets. The whole party must arrive at the same time as the person with the mobile smart phone device containing all the tickets. 

PLEASE NOTE that any and all transactions that are detected as bot purchases, patrons creating duplicate accounts in order to purchase more than the ticket limit or any action that indicates a suspicious purchase in excess of the ticket limit will be cancelled.

But we want to go as a bigger group/family?
You will have to try to complete another order with another mobile device. 

Can I buy tickets as a gift?  
The matching ID of the surname of the lead booker will be an entry requirement, the other tickets bought by that person can be used for other people as long as they ALL arrive with the lead booker.  If you want to buy as gifts then you’ll also have to attend to get your recipients into the show. 

What are the entry requirements?
To gain access to the concert you are required to bring your fully charged mobile phone or smartphone. You may be required to produce your email booking confirmation and a valid form of photo ID that matches the name on the confirmation. 

Accepted forms of Photo ID are – A current driver’s licence (including provisional licence), a current or recently expired passport (provided the picture is a good resemblance of the holder) or the government backed PASS scheme http://www.pass-scheme.org.uk/.

What are the age restrictions?
All venue age restrictions are clearly displayed at the sales pages on the ticket agent websites.

Under 16s should be accompanied by an adult. No children under 5. 

In the unlikely event you are looking to purchase tickets on behalf of 16-18 year olds who do not have access to a smartphone we recommend that you attend the show with the group.

I can’t find my confirmation email?
in the first instance please check your junk or spam folder. If that doesn’t work contact the customer services of the ticket agent you believe you booked through. If you are unsure which company you bought from this is usually displayed on your credit card statement or bank statement. 

My phone is out of battery so I can’t access my ticket(s)?
Please make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave the house to avoid this situation. Of course if you run out of battery please go to the box office where someone will be able to assist you to find your order.

What if I lose my mobile phone or change my number before the shows?
Please contact the customers services email of the ticket agent you booked through.

What if my mobile phone was lost or stolen on the day of the show?
Don’t worry, we have a full record of every lead booker who bought tickets for the shows and will be able to help. Please make your way to the box office in the first instance.

I can’t go any more and need to sell on my ticket. What do I do?
The reselling of any Ed Sheeran ticket is strictly forbidden other than through the official face value resale platform of your original point of purchase platform. Any Ed Sheeran ticket offered for resale elsewhere, either on or offline (including Viagogo or any other unauthorised source including all secondary ticket retail websites), will result in the entire original booking being cancelled. The original purchaser and their party will be refused admission and any other purchases they hold will also be cancelled.

When will we receive our tickets?
Remember, we are operating a digital mobile/ smartphone ticketing system. Therefore, no physical tickets will be posted or emailed in advance. Your phone contains your ticket(s) and they’ll be sent to you nearer to the time of the shows. 

Are cameras allowed?
Professional cameras (deemed as cameras with removable lenses), video and recording equipment are strictly forbidden. Personal use cameras and smart-phone cameras are fine. 

How early should we turn up?
Please check ticket agent websites for door opening times and do allow yourself plenty of time to get in before the start of the show. 

I can’t get in with my tickets, it failed to scan and I’ve been turned away at the turnstile?
Don’t worry, we can try and help you. In the first instance head to the box office where someone will be able to help you work out what’s gone wrong. Remember DO NOT buy a ticket from someone you don’t know either in person on the street OR from an unauthorised secondary ticket website.

What else are you doing to combat the secondary market? 
Your mobile phone number is linked to your ticket order. Your tickets are linked to both your account with your chosen ticket agent AND your mobile phone number.  This means your ticket and the individual information you gave when you purchased are linked. If a ticket is resold in any method other than via official face-value resale channels then the mobile phone number will not be linked to the ticket(s) and you will be refused entry to the venue. 

Recently the government has strengthened legislation designed to protect consumers, notably the Consumer Rights Act and the Digital Economy Bill. We are working with National Trading Standards and the Police Action Fraud Division to report all breaches of these acts as well as reporting any illegally advertised tickets to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Further information to avoid getting ripped off with ‘’Ten Tips for ticket buying’’

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the stadium? 
No. If any customers suffer from a condition that requires specific dietary requirements, please contact Edsheeran@safc.com prior to arrival to obtain permission to bring those products in, otherwise they will be confiscated on entry. 

Searches will be applied at point of entry and guests will be asked to discard any food or drinks before entering. 

Is the stadium a non-smoking venue? 
The Stadium of Light is a no smoking venue; however external courtyards will be open spaces as needed.

I have an illness; will there be facilities to keep my medicine?
No, this would need to be kept on your person at all times. 

Where are the first aid areas? 
There are first aid areas in each of the stands and there will be visible first aid provision on the pitch. 

How will I get up-to-date information in the days leading up to the concert? 
SAFC will have a page on their website dedicated to the ED Sheeran concert. 

What happens if it rains, can I bring an umbrella? 
Only small umbrellas are allowed into the stadium. In the event of adverse weather conditions, we would advise bringing a rain mac or disposable raincoat. 

Any article that might be used as a weapon, any person deemed to be offensive or abusive, or who may compromise public safety, will be reported to the police. 

Where will the stage be within the stadium? 
Please refer to the map on your ticket agent’s website. The main stage will be in the centre of the Stadium pitch.

Can I bring posters/banners to the concert? 
Flag poles or sticks for banners are prohibited. Whilst banners of a certain size themselves are not prohibited, please always be aware of other customers as potentially you may be blocking their view.

Will there be parking available on the day of the concert at the stadium for the public? 
There will be no parking at the stadium. The stadium area will be closed to traffic from 7am on the day of the concert. 

Where can I get information on public transport to the venue? 
Information on how to get to the ground can be found on the SAFC website https://www.safc.com/club/how-to-find-us

Will there be a guide to assist in finding the stadium, the correct entrance and how to find my seat/area? 
Yes, this will be available nearer the time via the SAFC website.  There will also be maps and signage positioned all around the stadium village site. Concert ‘meet and greet’ teams will be located around the site to assist you with finding your correct entry point/seat. 

Is there nearby accommodation? 
Yes, whether you want a posh bed for the night, a country house hotel or a groovy themed room, Sunderland has it all. The City of Sunderland has a broad range of accommodation, from award-winning guest houses to boutique hotels. For more information, visit Sunderland's Summer of Music 2022 - MySunderland

Where can I get information on public transport to the venue?
This information will be updated before the concert so check back before you begin your journey.

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