Supporters' Collective: Meeting minutes

Sunderland AFC is committed to hosting four structured dialogue meetings with the Supporter Collective every season to ensure regular engagement with the main supporter groups across the club. 

These collective meetings are held with supporter groups at the Stadium of Light throughout the season. They provide an opportunity to discuss all areas across the football club with senior management and directors. 

Meeting Attendees

The Club

Owner(s), Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer or equivalent, Supporter Liaison Officer.

Other staff deemed appropriate by the club and in the context of the agreed agenda.

As a minimum the club commits to the attendance of the Chief Operating Officer or equivalent and the Supporter Liaison Officer at each meeting.

The Supporters

The Supporter Collective is currently made up of five supporter organisations. Each group will determine who their representatives are and will endeavour to maintain some continuity whilst putting forward individuals with experience appropriate to the agenda. The three groups with 4 representatives intend to send two standing members and two rotating members.

Branch Liaison Council (4), Red and White Army (4), Senior Supporters Group (1), Supporters Liaison Group (4)

Season 2022-23 Meeting Dates and Minutes

Meeting 1 – July 2022

Meeting 2 – November 2022

Meeting 3 – February 2023

Meeting 4 – May 2023

Season 2021-22 Minutes

Meeting 1 – October 2021

Meeting 2 – November 2021

Meeting 3 – February 2022

Meeting 4 – March 2022

Meeting 5 – April 2022

Season 2020-21 Minutes

Meeting 1 - March 2021

Meeting 2 - May 2021

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