Academy: Get to know - Jordan Rowan

Sunderland AFC is delighted to introduce a new online feature where we will introduce you to the team behind the team.


We will take a closer insight into the individuals who help provide support to the current and future players of Sunderland AFC and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.


First up is Academy Analyst, Jordan Rowan.




Jordan Rowan




U18 Academy Analyst



Time at the Club:


Two years as an intern and 10 year full-time.





Providing support of both video and insights (data) analysis to our U18 players as part of a Multidisciplinary Team.



How would you describe a normal working day?


"We would start with a morning meeting with the MDT (staff) presenting the team post-match analysis videos along with the post match data report (team and individuals) and discuss how we want the session to look.


"Afternoons, I will lead the post-match session with support of the coaching staff, in this session we will normally split the group into three smaller groups (units) to allow for more communication and detail.


"In the back of the session we will also organise individual analysis time for the following day to discuss and show the players video/data around their individual learning plans."



Tell us one thing you love about your role?


"The people and staff I work with everyday.


"The support I receive from my colleagues has always been fantastic from every department since I started."



Tell us one thing you love about the AoL?


"During certain parts of the week during the day you can have up to six different age groups in the building at the same time (First team/21s/18s/SAFC Women/16s-11s).


"I don't know many clubs where you can have this mix of players and staff together in one building where everyone can speak to share ideas and experiences, or academy players seeing their role models."



Name us one goal for the future?


"Our goal has to be three or four academy debuts in the first team over the rest of the season and can we support these players to keep them at that level and perform well."




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