News: SAFC partner with Sports4Cast

Sunderland AFC are proud to have partnered with Sports4Cast during our 2021-22 promotion-winning campaign.

Utilising their football platform to better understand opponents, track performance and anticipate difficult stretches during the season, using Sports4Cast to measure and benchmark was key to evaluating performance beyond just looking at the league table.

Data is everywhere in the modern world and has taken an increasing importance in the game of football. With razor-thin margins between teams, the slightest edge can mean the difference between promotion and what might have been. With their breadth of experience in sports data science, Sports4Cast have developed new ways of analysing and understanding performance to find and optimise this edge.

Sports4Cast CEO Graeme Acheson said: “Sports teams are always looking for the vital edge in performance, that last percentage that will deliver results. But too often data analytics are complicated, require huge amounts of information and provide limited results. Partnering with Sunderland we showed that we could deliver tangible benefits with some simple, but effective, techniques that we have had results with elsewhere.”

SAFC’s Head of Data & Analysis, James Young, added: “Sports4Cast quietly and diligently provided a hugely valuable service to the club throughout the season. This came to a climax in January, when we were looking for a new Head Coach. Sports4Cast’s platform allowed us to run analysis over more than 10,000 coaches cutting through the hype and human bias to impartially evaluate each Head Coach's performance. Obviously, we are delighted with the results.”

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