G . O . A . T: Ross talks about win bonus

One fan has shown his appreciation to Jack Ross by donating goats to him every time Sunderland pick up a win.

Having led the Lads to four victories so far in Sky Bet League One, Ross also received another card, signed off by ‘Langham Lad’, letting him know he had been donated a fifth goat following a penalty shootout win over Stoke City under-21s in the Checkatrade Trophy. 

While the manager hasn’t directly been receiving goats, the gesture has been benefiting African children, via the charity World Vision UK.

“I was made aware of this when I took the job,” Ross said.

“I got one for the Stoke game as well which was a nice touch, so I think I am up to five.

“I don’t have five goats though because it’s us, the club, who has them!

“It’s slightly unusual circumstances but the good thing is someone is benefiting from it so long may that continue.

“I don’t have any idea who is doing them each time,” he continued. “No clues, a card just comes in fairly clockwork when we win games. 

“You don’t have to look for it, it pops through the post and hopefully we’ll have 30 or 40 more come the end of the season.”

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