Red & White: Mowbray's Preston programme notes

Tony Mowbray has welcomed supporters back to the Stadium of Light after over a month without a home fixture, in his programme notes sponsored by Rorack Shipping Ltd.

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Stadium of Light for this afternoon’s game against Preston North End.


I would like to start by extending a warm welcome to Ryan Lowe and his side who make the journey from Lancashire. 


Thank you to the Sunderland supporters for the welcome I’ve received during my first month here, everyone at the training ground and the lads have been fantastic, and made me feel at home. 


The Middlesbrough game aside, when we had a real knock right before kick-off, I was pleased with the start heading into the international break.


It was tough to lose Ross, but our number 10s have been brilliant – everyone has had to mix in and hopefully the goals can come from different places.


I’ve found some really talented footballers here who need to be given the confidence to trust their ability and express what they’re good at. 


I had a Sunday morning in Durham last week and was inundated with Sunderland supporters, it makes you aware of how important football is to people here – it’s a special club.


After three away games in a row it’s nice to be back at home on Wearside – Preston have conceded the least amount of goals in the league, so we know it’s going to be tough, but the team have shown what they’re capable of so far.


I feel like I have to temper expectation a little bit, we’re a big club in terms of the league and the fanbase, but we are new to the division and the squad needs growing and developing.


Hopefully we can continue to build on the positive start we’ve made and it’s an enjoyable season for everyone, with some great days and victories along the way. 


Enjoy the game, 



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