Lasses focus: Emma Kelly's thoughts on Blades encounter

Sunderland Women’s Emma Kelly shared her insight into this weekend’s game against Sheffield United.


The Lasses midfielder discussed last weekend’s game, as well as the impact of the fans at Eppleton.


“I think it was an excellent performance, especially in the second half,” Kelly said.


“We knew a 1-0 lead from the first half wasn’t somewhere where we could take a back seat and relax so I think the chances we took in the second half made us feel a lot more comfortable.


It’s put us in good stead and a good mindset going into Sheffield United on Sunday because we know it’ll be a challenging game.”


“I think with the fan’s support that we’ve been getting, it’s been excellent and we can always hear them.


“It gives us a massive boost at home and it’s a different atmosphere altogether when we’re playing at home rather than at an away game.”


Taking on the mantle for most of the season following Keira Ramshaw’s injury, Kelly talked about her role as a leader on and off the pitch.


“We all miss Keira [Ramshaw] and every performance is for her. We know she lives and breathes for the club so every time we step out onto the pitch we’re doing everything for her especially.


“It’s been a good responsibility for me to hold and I’m just trying to do my best to fill that role and make sure I’m there for the girls as much as possible and lead by example as much as I can.”


Finally, the midfielder discussed the team’s ambition to keep pushing up the table following last week’s victory, continuing with a strong performance on Sunday.


“Every game’s been important this season. We’re trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves.


“The three points we got from Coventry was massive but we’re still striving to get as many points from every single game till the end of the season.


“We still want to push up the table, there’s still quite a few places to be jumped up if we can so every game we’ve got coming up now we want to be looking for no less than three points.”

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